Pitts LB55-20XD

Make: Pitts LB55-20XD
Trailer Type: Tri-Axle
Tub Length: 53′
Tub Length Type: Aluminium
Frame Length: 53′
Frame Type: Aluminium
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Suspension: Air Ride
Landing Gear: N/A

Floor: Apitong
Liner: Plastic
Tarp: N/A

Rubber: Aluminum Steel

Rubber Size: 275/70R22.5
Rubber Amount: N/A
Brakes: N/A

Description: ORDER ONE LIKE THIS: Special made trailer. Xtreme Duty Fixed Neck Lowboy, NGB, Hyd detach neck w/13 HP Honda Pony Motor, flip ext. to 126″ total swing, bolt on/removable bump up ramps to rear bogie area, (2) lockable toolboxes in front of deck, 4th flip axle -mounted-alum wheels on the outside, chain lift first axle-air lift rear axle (lift axle control mounted in sealed box),disc hub-piloted polished alum on 6 outside wheels, LED lts w/amber strobes in bumper & battery back-up, Custom 1 – side load supports. STD FEATURES: 55 Ton in 12′ concentrated load, 25′ 4″ deck, deck height=20″ loaded, 16″ king pin setting, 12 pair of 12″ widening brkts, 2 sets of double outriggers at front, manual override, dump valve & air gauge mounted in sealed box. on this trailer! THIS HAS BEEN SOLD, BUT CAN BE RE-ORDERED TO YOUR SPEC’S.

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