Pitts LB51-22DC Contender Series

Product Description

Year: 2015 ORDER ONE
Make: Pitts LB51-22DC Contender Series
Trailer Type: Tri-Axle
Tub Length: 53′ x 102
Tub Length Type: Steel
Frame Length: 53′ x 102
Frame Type: Steel
Height: 22
Weight: N/A
Suspension: Watson Air Ride – Rear Lift Axle
Landing Gear: N/A

Floor: 1-1/2
Liner: Plastic
Tarp: n/a

Rubber: Steel

Rubber Size: 255/70R22.5
Rubber Amount: new
Brakes: new

Description: Non-ground bearing Hyd detachable neck w/13 H.P. Honda Pony Motor, 26′ deck length, 16″ fabricated main I-beams – Positive camber, 14″ fabricated side rail I beams-positive camber, Crossmembers: 10″ I-beam – 24″ O.C., 16″ king pin setting, 5/16 plate, 90″ king pin swing radius, 50″ king pin height (4 positions-Deck Heights 24″, 22″, 20″, 18″) wheel wells covered w/steel check plate/traction bars on rear fenders. Apitong flooring – 1-1/2″ covering outside only. All controls mounted in sealed box. Boom Trough: Open “v” crossmembers, front flip ramps-18″ x 31″ -steel w/traction bars, 16 “D” rings, 11 pair of 12″ widening brackets (extends deck width 2′), Tool box in front & rear of deck w/lockable lid, (3) 25,000# capacity axles w/54-1/2″ axle spacings, auto slack, (6) polished alum outside wheels, 30/30 spring brakes-2 axles, LED w/amber strobes in bumper & battery back-up. DOT sealed wiring harness. Black paint.

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